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Natural Teeth Cleaning Recipes

When you brush your teeth twice a day, it can be surprising just how much toothpaste you go through. It may leave you wondering if there are any is any way to save a little money. You may consider clipping coupons or buying your toothpaste in bulk, but have you ever considered making your own toothpaste? Yes, it is possible to make your own toothpaste!

Here are a few natural teeth cleaning recipes that you can try at home.

To make your own simple peppermint toothpaste you’ll just need a few minutes and a few ingredients from around the home. First, get ⅜ cup coconut oil. You want it to be soft, but not liquid. Then get ¼ cup baking soda, ½ tsp salt, 1 tsp bentonite clay, ½ tsp liquid stevia, and 5-7 drops peppermint essential oil. J

Bentonite clay is rich in potassium and calcium which makes it a great choice to remove toxins from your teeth. If you can’t find this healing clay in stores, you can find it online. The baking soda and coconut oil help to whiten and clean your teeth, while the stevia and peppermint flavor help to add a little bit of sweetness to the salty mixture and give you that clean, minty-fresh taste.

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, it’s time to mix up your natural teeth cleaning recipe! First, combine your coconut oil and baking soda in a medium bowl and mix thoroughly. Then, add all of the remaining ingredients and mix. Once everything is well incorporated, store the mixture in a jar. Use a little spoon to scoop out toothpaste each time you brush. (Using your finger to reach into the container could introduce bacteria!) Also, note that you should mix your bentonite clay with a wood or plastic spoon. Metal will deactivate the clay.

If you’re looking for a less-salty, smaller batch try mixing 1 TB bentonite clay, 1 TB distilled water, 1 TB coconut oil (melted or softened), ¼ – ½ tsp fine,mineral-rich salt, 2 drops tea tree oil and 1 drop peppermint oil. Add all ingredients together in a non-metallic mixing bowl and combine. Use a small storage jar for storage, seal it, and keep it in the fridge between uses.

Looking for a kid-friendly recipe? Try mixing together ⅓ cup coconut oil (soft but not melted) with 1 TB baking soda, 1 TB bentonite clay, ¼ tsp liquid stevia, and 4 to 10 drops sweet orange essential oil, lemon, or peppermint. Mix together the coconut oil, baking soda, and clay and mix thoroughly. Decide which essential oil your kids would enjoy most, add the remaining ingredients, and mix. Store in a jar or in a squeezable toothpaste tube to make it more appealing to your children. Use like regular toothpaste, and be sure not to let children (or adults) swallow the mixture!

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