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The Importance of Acting Fast When You Get a Cavity

You’ve recently felt some tooth pain, a new sensitivity, or even a bad taste in your mouth. You think you may have a cavity. But calling the dentist up and scheduling an appoint is a hassle! However, if you have these symptoms or other symptoms like bad breath or tooth discoloration, odds are that you may have a cavity.

The consequences for leaving a cavity untreated can be minor for a time but quickly escalate to tooth problems that are much more severe. Here is why it is important to act fast when you get a cavity…

First off, one reason it is important to act fast when you get a cavity is that if it left untreated, your cavity will only continue to get worse. What may have been treatable with a simple cavity filling, if left untreated long enough may require a crown instead. Even if you are going to a cheap dentist who offers low-cost dental care, a crown is going to be more expensive than a filling. If left to continue to decay, a root canal may be required.

Another important reason to act fast when you think you have a cavity is that once a cavity is there, there’s no turning back. Cavities are formed when you get plaque on your teeth. Once the plaque is on your teeth, it begins to react with sugars in foods like candy, bread, fruit, and potatoes. This reaction turns the plaque to acid. As the acid sits on your teeth it begins to wear down the enamel and make a hole. Bacteria then enters the hole and causes decay. Once the bacteria has been introduced, you can’t brush it away. It can’t get better, only worse. That is when you need to get the cavity taken care of as soon as possible.

Once the bacteria is in your tooth, the decay will work through the enamel and eventually make its way to the nerve of the tooth. If the nerve dies, a root canal is the only option to remove the dead nerve. It may even be necessary to remove the dead tooth.

Not to mention, cavities can be quite painful. The longer you wait to get it taken care of, the more likely you will be to experience pain. Even severe pain! Do yourself a favor and get a list of dentists, call one up, and make an appointment.

As you consider dentists near you, be sure you’re putting your dental care and oral health in good hands. The dentists at the Crawford Leishman Dental will make you feel at home, at ease, and can take care of any of your dental care needs. If you have a cavity, contact Crawford Leishman Dental today.

The Importance of Acting Fast When You Get a Cavity Crawford Leishman Dental dentist in Vineyard Utah Dr. Chris Crawford Dr. Rick Leishman Dr. Matt Fletcher

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