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10 Foods That Help Get Rid of Bad Breath

Not everyone remembers to pack a toothbrush in their desk drawer for emergencies. Maybe you had a salad for lunch that had a little more onion then you realized. Maybe you just need a little freshening up halfway through the day, or maybe you accidentally forgot to brush your teeth before heading to work. Whatever the case, you may be looking for a wash to freshen up your breath. If gum or mints aren’t an option, there’s still hope. Here are 10 foods that help get rid of bad breath.

Food #1. Apples
Apples are a great way to get rid of bad breath. Did you know they have natural detergent properties? When you bite an apple, the flesh of the apple actually helps to push away plaque from your teeth. This means any food matter on your gums or teeth is pushed away, food matter that ultimately can lead to bacterial growth and an unpleasant odor.

Food #2. Yogurt
There are studies that show that eating yogurt each day can reduce your level of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide in your mouth. (The study shows these results with 6 oz of unsweetened yogurt). You have bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath, but yogurt also contains good bacteria. These two duke it out and more often than not, the good bacteria wins. Just be sure it does not have any added sugar, as sugar will contribute to bad bacterial growth.

Food #3. Water
While technically not a food, water can help with bad breath. Many odor-causing bacteria like a dry environment. This includes a dry mouth. So when you drink water, you can eliminate a likable environment. Drinking water also helps to rinse away food particles and bacteria that may be stuck on your teeth. Your saliva also helps to cleanse your mouth, which is also promoted by water drinking.

Food #4. Parsley
Parsley is a well-known food for getting rid of bad breath. The compounds in parsley actually break down sulfur compounds in garlic. AKA the bad smelling stuff. For best uses, combine parsley with your garlic in a dish, but it may also be helpful to eat parsley

Food #5. Green Tea
Technically a drink, a hot cup of green tea has antioxidants that kill off the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Food #6. Cherries
One of the bad-breath causes gases released by bacteria in the mouth, methyl mercaptan, can actually be removed by eating cherries!

Food #7. Citrus
Citrus and melons contain acid that changes the environment in your mouth from one that is a place where bacteria can grow, to one where it can’t!

Food #8 Ginger
Ginger not only helps ease an upset stomach, but it also gets rid of bad breath. Use equal parts ginger and lemon juice mixed with warm water for a great rinse to keep away bad breath.

Food #9 Strawberries
Like water helps eliminate a dry mouth and bad breath, so can strawberries because of their high water content. Their high vitamin C content can also make it hard for bacteria to grow.

Food #10 Fennel Seeds
A common Indian cure for bad breath, fennel seeds can get rid of bad breath by neutralizing the smell. They also aid in digestion and increase saliva to wash away any remaining food or bacteria.

Besides eating foods that can help get rid of bad breath, be sure you’re regularly going to a dentist. It doesn’t matter if it’s free dental clinics, Medicaid dental services, or from a list of local dentists, be sure you are getting regular checkups. When you find a good dentist you trust, these appointments will be painless. For a professional dentist in the Orem area, try Crawford Leishman DentalCall today and make your appointment!

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