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Quick Tips To Improving Your Dental Routine

No one intentionally hopes to get cavities or root canals that require dental work to fix. But if you’re like most people who work, have a family, friends, and hobbies, the hours in the day go by very quickly. It’s all too easy to forget to floss or even skimp on brushing before hopping into bed. Overtime, this leaves you vulnerable to poor health for your teeth. By there is an easy way to change this! With these four quick tips, you can improve your dental routine!

  1. Rinse Before You BrushBefore you wash your car, you usually spray off any of the large chunks debris. Think of your teeth the same way! Before you brush your teeth, use a non-fluoride mouthwash to help loosen and remove any plaque or bits of food. Even if you don’t remove them, you’ll loosen it up so that your toothbrush can do a better job.Using a mouthwash after you brush can actually rinse away the fluoride in your toothpaste, which the American Dental Association recognizes as a way to fight against cavities by making your enamel more resistant to acid and tooth decay. Try to avoid mouthwash with alcohol which will dry out your mouth; you lose the benefit of your saliva helping to clean your mouth out too!
  2. Keep Your Toothbrush Close ByOne very quick and easy way to improve your dental routine is to do it! You can make this easier for yourself by making it as convenient as possible. Keep them close-by and together, so you have no excuse not to use them. This includes your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash.
    Another great way to stay in a good routine is to keep floss in your purse or car. If you’re out and need to get something out of your teeth you’ll be covered.
  3. Make Brushing FunIf you looking forward to brushing your teeth, you’ll naturally do it more often and do a better job. Try making your routine a little more fun by switching to a new toothbrush regularly! Not only will you look forward to ripping open that new package, but you’ll get the benefit of sturdy, clean bristles that will do a better job than old, frayed ones. Choose a fun, wacky color while you’re at it! Remember to switch your toothbrush every few months, when the bristles are frayed, or after you’ve had a cold or illness.
  4. Eat and Drink WellNot only will eating good foods and drinking plenty of water help you stay healthier, but it’ll also improve your dental health as well! Water helps flush and rinse your teeth, while food wholesome foods strengthen your teeth. Plus, avoiding excess sugar will keep your teeth cavity free.

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself in need of some dental work. It happens to even the most diligent of us!

When that happens, be sure to choose Crawford Leishman Dental in Orem, UT. With decades of experience and a strong community presence, you can go wrong with Crawford Leishman; every patient is a member of the family!

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