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Why Choose Crawford Leishman Dental?

Going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable, and even nerve wracking experience… but it doesn’t have to be! The health of your teeth will play a part in the way you feel about going to the dentist, but a large part of the experience is the office, staff, and the dentist you choose to visit.

If you’re looking for experienced dentists, friendly staff, and a enjoyable experience visiting the dentist, look no further than Crawford Leishman Dental.

Latest Technology

When you choose Crawford Leishman Dental for your dentistry needs, you can expect the most advanced and exceptional care possible. The doctors have more than three decades of experience in dentistry, and more than 10 years experience as business advocates. Despite their expertise, they are always looking for ways to extend their education. This means the use of the latest technology! Whether you’re looking for whiter teeth, implants, other cosmetic enhancements, restorative treatments, or general dentistry for your family, you’ll get the best treatment with the latest technology possible.


Whether you make an appointment to visit Crawford Leishman Dental for a routine cleaning, for a simple cosmetic upgrade, or for a more extensive dental treatment, you’ll be taken care of with professionalism and expertise that comes from years of experience. No matter what your cosmetic or restorative goals are, Crawford Leishman Dental will help you meet your goals and achieve the pearly whites you’ve always wanted!

Warm, Welcoming Environment

When you visit Crawford Leishman Dental, you should feel comfortable and at ease… almost like you’re in the comfort of your own home! And that’s their goal. With a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically with the goal of a warm, welcoming environment in mind, you’ll feel the comforting appeal of your own living room. With such a relaxed and happy ambiance, you’ll feel right at home. Not only that, but you’ll be greeted by loyal and experienced staff members with a warm smile.

Ties to the Community

Dr. Crawford and Dr. Leishman have called Provo and Orem home nearly all their lives. Because of this, they are proud residents, and do all they can to support the local community. For example, February is “Dental Awareness Month,” and the doctors wives work hard to put on puppet shows and presentations for local schools to teach the importance of good oral hygiene. Dr. Crawford and Dr. Leishman are also but supporters of local sports teams. Because their community means so much to them, they are always looking for opportunities to give back.

The goal at Crawford Leishman Dental is to treat their patients like family. From the moment you walk into the office, to well beyond your appointment, you’ll can be confident that you’ll receive a genuine, valuable, and remarkable dental experience.

Crawford Leishman Dental has been voted number one in the valley since 2004. If you’re looking for the best dental experience available, choose the Crawford Leishman Dental.

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